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ODBA director Georg Greve receives German Knighthood

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Yesterday this pleasent news was spreading around the blogosphere (and … microblogosphere?) about our fellow Open Database Alliance director George Greve having been awarded the German Knight’s Cross.

All boys dream of being knights, don’t they?

Some weeks ago I received news that the embassy in Berne had unsuccessfully been trying to contact me under FSFE’s old office address in Zurich. This was a bit odd and unexpected. So you can probably understand my surprise to be told by the embassy upon contacting them that on 18. December 2009 I had been awarded the Cross of Merit on ribbon (“Verdienstkreuz am Bande”) by the Federal Republic of Germany. As you might expect, my first reaction was one of disbelief. I was, in fact, rather shaken. You could also say shocked.

Quick Wikipedia research revealed this to be part of the orders of knighthood, making this a Knight’s Cross. Can you hear the whinnying of the horses, the clinking of armour and the sound of steel on steel? So where does the tapping of keyboards and blinkenlights enter into this?

The rationale to the award cites Sir (?) Georg’s 15+ years quest not only in Germany but all of Europe and globally, among others as speaker for the GNU project, and then founder and long time President of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

A newer development in Sir Georg’s service for software freedom has been his contribution in starting the Open Database Alliance. Georg helped us setup the legal embodiment of the ODBA, as well as guided with the bylaws and some initial policies. His expertise in these kinds of affairs was greatly appreciated. Today he continues in sharing his wisdom and experience, having agreed to serve on the first Board of Directors.

The first year of the ODBA was much a formational year, ending with the founding members coming together to the first general assembly to select the currently serving board. But it seems clear that the ODBA is serving a purpose, as evidenced by the fact that it already sponsors not only one, but two FOSS database projects: MariaDB, and Blackray. There is a steady stream of new members. Although many have yet to activate their profile on the website, we will profile the members on this blog during this Spring and Summer.

Sir Georg, from all your fellow ODBA Directors, please accept our humblest congratulations on receiving your knighthood, and our vow to serve on your side in your continued quest for freedom – software and otherwise.


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