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Booting the Open Database Alliance… Stage 2

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The Open Database Alliance was announced in May this year, after which we have put in some months of frantic activity to get all the essential pieces into place that allow an organization to function and be filled with life. Among other things we needed to decide on the country to choose and the seat, which ended up being Zürich, Switzerland.

Our newly reworked website holds the Articles of Association and other documents for your perusal, but we’d like to summarize some of the most important points here:

  • The Open Database Alliance is an association for the promotion of all database technologies that are Open Source/Free Software and business based upon them;

  • Membership is open to all companies or people developing OSS/FS database technologies or providing associated technologies and services, as well as user groups & major corporate users that depend on Open Source databases for their business or operation;

  • The board is designed to emphasize diversity & plurality of interests through a) an emphasis on developers and users, and b) provisions that do not allow more than one director per category from a single interest group in any category, and never more than two from a single interest group overall;

  • Activities of the ODBA include promotion, technological development and representation of interests, e.g. in standardization or against software patents, defined together in the General Assembly of the ODBA;

  • Every member can freely allocate 50% of their membership fee to ODBA activities according to their own interests and priorities;

  • Members that cannot currently afford the full membership fees can instead make in-kind contributions through engagement in other ODBA activities, such as technical development or allowing their employees to engage in ODBA representation, e.g. participation in standardization processes;

  • The Open Database Alliance has a solid commercial aspect and a big focus is on supporting the business ecosystem. As one aspect of this all members can choose to opt into a sales referral program that provides a simplified way to give referrals to and receive referrals from other ODBA members.

Under guidance from an interim board the next step towards a fully operational Open Database Alliance will be the internal discussion to identify the activity areas that the Open Database Alliance should focus on from next year. Which are the most pressing challenges to the Free & Open Database World? The initial impulse may have come from the MariaDB ecosystem, but which database technologies should the ODBA focus on? Which are the most pressing challenges for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, ZopeDB, BlackRay or whichever other database might choose to join the ODBA?

The answers to these questions will be provided jointly and – whenever achievable – through consensus by all members of the Open Database Alliance. The foundations have been lain, but it will be up to those who get involved to shape the end result. This early participation is essential to shape the ODBA, which is why the interim board has decided that all members signing up before the first General Assembly will be listed as founding members.

If you or your company want to participate in the shaping of the world’s first truly independent and cross-project non-profit association for the promotion of the Open Source/Free Software database ecosystem, now is the time to sign up.

More information about the ODBA is available here and on this PDF leaflet. And if you wish to declare your support for the Open Database Alliance and its idea, here are some web site badges.

If you would like to follow the developments of the ODBA, please feel free to subscribe to the ODBA on (mirrored on Twitter), add the Open Database Alliance Blog to your RSS feeds, or subscribe to the ODBA Media Announcement list.


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